For the website available.

Import All Sample Data and import the configure for the website available.

If you have a website with data available, follow these steps to use the "Hara" theme for your website.

The process may take some time. Please wait

πŸŽ‰All done. Have fun!

Choose Sample Data > pages > template-home-xxx.json

Turn Off Breadcrumb on Homepage

Choose homepage displays

Choose Thembay Blocks > Add New > Type of Template = Footer

Choose Sample Data > footer > template-footer-xxx.json

Select Footer default in Theme Options

If your MailChimp form does not display as well as above, use the code below

<input class="form-control input-newletter mc4wp_email" name="EMAIL" required="" type="email" placeholder="Your email address..."> 
<button type="submit" value="Submit"> <i class="tb-icon tb-icon-send"></i> </button>

Here is the result

Choose Thembay Blocks > Add New > Type of Template = Header

Choose Sample Data > header > template-header-xxx.json

Choose Main Menu

Select Header default in Theme Options

Please follow this video:

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