For a new website

Import All Sample Data - for a new website
  • Step 1 - Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Step 2 - Go to Appearance > Theme Setup > Click to Start
  • Step 3 - Install Child Theme
  • Step 4 - Import Content: Select the Demo you want, then click on Import
The process may take some time. Please wait
All done. Have fun!
  • Step 5 - Save information on all products (fix errors not showing Categories, products)
  • 5.1 "Quick Edit" any product.
  • 5.2 Check all categories, then click Update
  • Step 6 (Important Step) - Regenerate CSS for Elementor: Styles set in Elementor are saved in CSS files in the uploads folder. Recreate those files, according to the most recent settings.
  • Step 7 - Elementor Settings: Enable Elementor for Thembay Blocks. Disable Default Colors, Disable Default Fonts.
  • Step 8 - Replace URL: Enter your old and new URLs for your WordPress installation, to update all Elementor data.
  • Old Url: That is our demo link, eg:
  • New Url: Your website's link
  • Step 9 - Choose Shop Page: Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Products > General > Shop Page
When you install the WooCommerce plugin, your website will automatically create a Shop page. Therefore, when importing Maia data, it will have two Shop pages. You need to delete a page. Please follow this video:
  • Step 10 - Choose Cart and Checkout Page: Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced
  • Step 11 - Configure Mega Menu

Please follow this video:

  • Step 12 - Configure the Product Attributes
You need to match the types of attributes, eg: Color => Type = Color