Manage global setting for WooCommerce

  • Label Sale Format: Optional "Sale label" format as you want

  • "Featured" Label: Optional "Featured" format as you want

  • Enable Brand Name: Enable/Disable brand name on HomePage and Shop Page

  • Enable the text of Time Countdown

  • Product Image Display Mode: Select the type of image display you want

  • Enable Quick View: Enable/Disable Quick View

  • Show WooCommerce Catalog Mode: Enable/Disable WooCommerce Catalog Mode (Hide "Add to Cart", "Mini-Cart")

  • Enable WooCommerce Quantity Mode: Enable/Disable show quantity on Home Page and Shop Page

  • Quantity Ajax Auto-update: Enable/Disable quantity ajax auto-update on page Cart

  • Enable Product Variation Swatch: Enable/Disable Product Variation Swatch on HomePage and Shop page

  • Product Attribute: Select an attribute that you display on the product on the home page and the Store page

1. Mini Cart

Configure properties for Mini cart

  • Enable Free Shipping on Cart and Mini-Cart

  • Enable Quantity on Mini-Cart: Help buyers increase or decrease the quantity right on the mini-cart

  • Mini-Cart Position: Select the display styles of the mini-cart you want: Left, Right, Popup, None Popup

2. Breadcrumb Shop

Configure properties for Breadcrumb Shop page

3. Breadcrumb Single Product

Configure properties for Breadcrumb Single Product page

4. Shop

Configure properties for Shop

5. Single product

Configure properties for a Single product

6. Single Product Advanced Options

Configure properties for Single Product Advanced

7. Other Pages

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